I have been lazy. but will update this site. please provide companies you want me to investigate

Hi Everyone,

I love banking and love payments. No doubt about it. I have just been super busy in my day job but am now going to dedicate some time to update this site because there are so many payment systems out there are getting through them all can be a bitch (excuse my french).

About 2 years ago the geeky maths guy in me came out and I build a massive calculator than went through +50 ways to receive payments including 3rd party processors, gathways + merchant and mobile. it spat out an answer on what you average transaction costs would be. The in puts you would put in are sales details, country that sale occurs, currency, average size of transaction, how many transaction per month. I was very proud of the calculator. But I never got it up on this site. I will get it up though. In saying that, I want for people to give me payment systems they want me to review and add. Please make comments below and add them.

I am always happy to take emails and have helped many people out who have sourced me from this site. My advise to you is free and without getting into it, companies pay me plenty for my overall finance and banking input.

I just love the freedom of the web. So those who thought the Guru was dead, he is still alive and well. Just a busy boy.

Help me out and give me companies and payment systems you want me to analyse.


Your broski in the payments world

The Payment Guru