SMS Kambi

SMS Kambi has been around for a while and was lauched in 2003 to focus on adult content.  It has now expanding to a SMS payment service much like DaoPay, Sepomo and Paymo.  Currently it services 23 countries, all in Europe, and covers 500 million people through connections with 86 Mobile Network Operators (ie; Vodaphone).  Like most SMS payment operators, SMS Kambi wants to expand worldwide and continuously adds new network operators and countries.

Merchants can be located anywhere but the purchase must be made from one on these countries.  That means that non-European merchants can still use SMS Kambi to target purchases from European consumers.

The website doesn’t list the commissions the telco companies take and you can’t easily sign up online, instead you need to email their sales department – this is by no means ideal for the merchant.

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