Trialpay – a unique alternative for onlline merchants

Well I thought i had seen it all then BAM a provider like Trialpay comes along as a serious alternative to Paypal and the likes.  What if I said you could sell your product for free and still make money.  You’d probably say I was crazy but this is exactly the strategy of Trailpay.

When you sell a product usually the customer checks out and pays you.  But Trialpay is different.  When a customer checks out, instead of paying fo your product, they choose to purchase a product from somewhere else and then as a result they get your product for free.  So if I am selling a $20 product online then Triapay will offer the customer a chance to get my $20 for free if they purchase another product which comes from a participating Trialpay company.  There are lots of companies on board including Apple, Sony, Skype, Blockbuster and more – in fact, there are over 2000 of them.

Effectively what is happing is the participating company, lets say Apple, aregiving you a commission for selling their product to your customer.  The cheaper you are selling your product for the more options a customer has.  So if i am selling a $20 product then a customer of mine will be shown products where the commission I get is over $20.  If I sell a $10 product then my customer will get more options and if I am selling a $3 then my customer will get even more options.  This is because there are more products from Trialpay participating customers giving +$3 commission than there are giving +$20 commission.

It will be interesting to see how Trialpay goes and where it ends up in 5 years.